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Most Common Drug Treatment Scams & How to Find a Reputable Rehab

It is estimated that more than 2.5 million people are treated each year in a drug rehabilitation facility. While the addiction treatment industry is full of caring professionals who are dedicated to helping others, unfortunately there are a few businesses that either over promise or lie about their programs’ effectiveness. These drug treatment scams are a disgrace to the entire industry and we’re here to tell you what to look for in a reputable luxury rehab center.

Popular Drug Treatment Frauds

Detoxification Masked as Rehabilitation

Many detox centers claim their programs are a cure for drug addiction. There is one huge reason why this is false: it is not possible to cure drug addiction. Individuals need to learn how to deal with their condition by finding better alternatives and learning new skills. Drug detox is just a crucial step in this process.

Rehab Center Drug Treatment Scams

Herbal Treatments

Many herbal remedies for addiction work exactly as claimed. However, drug addiction cannot be treated with just one pill or a combination of organic herbs. People are strongly advised to steer clear of any claims that there is a cure for drug addiction using natural or chemical remedies.

Rehab Center Drug Treatment Scams

Rehab Programs That Are Super Short

Some facilities claim they can help people overcome drug dependence within two weeks which is just impossible. The best drug rehab programs have a minimum stay of one to three months.

Rehab Center Drug Treatment Scams

Rehab Programs That Try to Guarantee Success

It’s almost impossible to guarantee drug treatment success, especially since there is no real cure for drug addiction. Although the best facilities boast a high success rate in addiction treatment, it is difficult to guarantee this or staying sober.

How to Spot a Reputable Rehab Center

Realistic Program Length

Qualified drug treatment programs typically last one to three months. Long-term rehab can even take up to a year depending on the severity of the condition. A rehab that presents programs that will last sixty to ninety days are recommended.

Rehab Center Drug Treatment Scams

Treatment That Meets Physical & Psychological Needs

Comprehensive treatment addresses both the mental and physical needs of an addict and is the best option for drug rehabilitation. If the individual wants to make a full recovery from addiction, they must first undergo detox, counseling and other programs such as stepless SMART Recovery, and then aftercare.

Rehab Center Drug treatment scams

Certified Professionals on the Staff

It is important that you review the backgrounds of all staff members at addiction treatment centers. A number of people with significant educational backgrounds and decades of experience in addiction treatment will work in the best facilities and these are the ones you want to be going to.

Rehab Center Drug Treatment Scams


It is important that you find a luxury rehab center that is the perfect fit for you. You don’t want to fall for a rehab that tries to feed you lies and manipulates you before you even get there. You want a rehab center that you can trust to help you in one of your biggest times of need. Do some research on rehab centers with premium-rated treatment programs and give them a call today to get a headstart on the rest of your life. You won’t regret it! 

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