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What is the Success Rate of Recovery from Meth Addiction?

Methamphetamine addiction is a common problem which affects many people across the world, from all age groups, sex and social statuses. Although it is predominantly a male issue, it is said that over 25% of women have suffered from some form of methamphetamine addiction at some point in their lives. The best treatment for methamphetamine addiction recovery includes a combination of therapy and support groups. In this article, we will discuss some methamphetamine addiction recovery facts and how methamphetamine addicts can find help to get sober.

Recidivism Rates in Meth Addiction

Meth addicts, or “speed” addicts as they are often called, have a very high recidivism rate. This means that when they complete their rehabilitation programs, they relapse several times before being completely recovered. Because they are so difficult to help, many families and friends of meth abuse addicts find it difficult to believe that recovery can happen. They simply cannot accept the fact that the loved one who disappeared into the cracks of a house while his addiction progressed to the point of death was, in fact, still alive and well.

Factors to Success Rate of Recovery From Meth

The truth is that the success rate of recovery from meth depends upon several factors. Those who suffer from severe abuse are more likely to relapse than those who only have milder episodes. Those with serious underlying medical conditions, such as chronic illnesses, are also more likely to relapse. The length of time someone spends addicted is also an important determinant as is the type and quality of treatment received during treatment. The statistics that are available point to drug rehabs as being extremely successful in the recovery of those who have experienced firsthand the brutality of the withdrawal process. Those who leave these facilities are able to return home to their family feeling like a new person. They are able to see things in a new light and come to terms with their past mistakes. 

Why Do Meth Addicts Relapse?

The methamphetamine addiction recovery rate is one of the most difficult to achieve, yet when the person has finally gotten through the phase and has beaten the addiction that they are fighting, they typically find that the problem has not gone away and has merely turned worse. This is often due to the fact that people have a tendency to fall into a new “reward” for being successful than the old problem of relying on the drug. In order for this to be prevented, it is important for a methamphetamine addiction recovery rate to be high. Unfortunately, the majority of those who have completed the treatment have experienced some level of relapse; however, it is also a positive thing to note that those who have come from this far are the ones who have been able to successfully overcome the problems.

Meth Addiction Treatment Programs

When you are attempting to create a methamphetamine addiction recovery rate that is high you need to use a treatment that is highly structured and follows an ordered path that will give the patient time to adjust and get used to the steps and guidelines that have been set forth for them. This may mean that a patient spends an extended period in treatment before they start to see results and feel like themselves again. Methamphetamine treatment is often administered in a residential treatment facility or through inpatient care. Either way, once the process is complete, the individual who was a victim of methamphetamine addiction will need to go through ongoing treatment until they are fully recovered and can start living their life without the assistance of drugs.


If you or someone that you love is struggling with any type of drug addiction and is trying to get clean, please seek the help that is needed. The road to recovery from meth addiction is not easy, and there will be times of anguish and struggle along the way. When someone first starts to try and quit, they are faced with an uphill battle. There are many setbacks along the way and for the first time since they began using drugs that they will be dealing with withdrawal symptoms that they probably don’t know anything about. A drug rehab program can make all the difference in the world for someone who is struggling to recover from meth addiction.

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