Alternative ED Treatment

Long Term Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Using Acoustic Wave

Non-Invasive Erectile Dysfunction Procedure

Many Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction can be invasive and risk side-effects. Our long term solution for ED is non-invasive and safe.


ED Treatment in Your Home

Our handheld device gives our patience the ability to treat your erectile dysfunction in the privacy of your own home.


Non-Invasive ED Treatment

Other solutions for Erectile Dysfunction can be invasive and may have side effects that can affect your health in other ways. Our ED solution is totally non-invasive and perfectly safe.


Long Term Results

The VascuWave treatment for ED is effective in anatomically bringing tissue back to life and encouraging blood flow where it counts.


Acoustic Wave ED Treatment

Acoustic Wave Technology encourages tissue rejuvenation and growth of blood vessels using sonic vibrations.


Fully Approved Treatment

The VascuWave handheld device is extremely powerful and is approved for medical use by a Doctors for treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Professional Support

When ordering VascuWave through FFA, we support for your erectile dysfunction device as well as provide how-to consultations.

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Although no Erectile Dysfunction Treatment works in 100% of patients, the vast majority of men who have tried our acoustic ED treatment have reported improved sexual function. VascuWave™ Technology utilizes an FDA cleared erectile dysfunction device to administer acoustic waves to the penis.

There are many medical papers, and quite a bit of clinical research to substantiate the effectiveness of acoustic waves in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Benefits Over Other ED Treatments

Absolutely Painless

In-Home Solution


Long Term Results

Phone Support

FDA Cleared

Your New Life Starts Here

45 Day Money Back Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty

If You Are Not 100% Satisfied We Will Refund Your Money

“I was unable to perform sexually even after my Viagra. After completing the in-home treatments. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend this to anyone with this problem.”

Larry W


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